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  • Design of wastewater treatment installations
    • Biologically and physically
    • Aerobic and anaerobic
  • Stripping and scrubbing of ammonia from the wastewater
    • Also from manure and digestate


  • Design of gas scrubbing and strippers
    • Removal of chemicals:
      • Ammonia, SO2, NOx, H2S, HCl, Formaldehyde, Phenols, HCN, Alcohols, Hydrocarbons, Etc.
    • Removal of odor:
    • Biologically with lava (vulcanic rock) filters and biobeds
    • Chemically with 3-stage scrubbers (see picture)


  • Unique expertise and experience:
  • Design chemical scrubbers with chemical water purification.
    • For instance for formaldehyde, phenols, alcohols, etc.
    • This gives a very low flow of discharge liquid
  • Design H2S removal from biogas
    • With low removal of CO2
  • On site testing of the scrubber efficiency on liter scale
  • Measuring flow, pressure, temperature, humidity, gas composition, etc.

Scrubber design sheet


WATECO is a consultancy agency, founded by drs. Dirk J. Koot. With more than 40 years experience in water and gas treatment.

WATECO is a independent consultancy agency, for all your ‘big’ and ‘small’ questions.

WATECO has a passion for solving your problems. This is all done systematically by applying the Kepner-Tregoe framework.



WATECO finds it important that wealth is shared with others. We like to give especially to charities that support today’s children. After all, who saves a life, saves the world. Nobody can saver everyone, but everyone can save somebody. That’s why we donate part of our profits to charities dedicated to shelter, care and schooling of children in need.

A selection of previous clients of WATECO:

Jan de Nul           Waste processing industry

Jansen         Waste processing industry

Sita         Waste processing industry

VAR         Waste processing industry

Nedalco         Alcohol production

VBA         Flower auction

Cargill         Chemical industry

Dam Bodegraven         Chemical industry

DHV         Chemical industry

Draka         Comteq Chemische industry

DSM         Chemical industry

DuPont         Chemical industry

ECP         Chemical industry

Henkel         Chemical industry

Pokon         Chemical industry

RPP         Chemical industry

Sekisui         Chemische industri

Shell         Chemical industry

RotoSmeets         Printing company

Solland         Etching company

Adverbo         Galvanic industry

Balak         Galvanic industry

NRF         Galvanic industry

Arcadis         Engineering company

DEC         Engineering company

Biothane         Engineering company

Engiplast         Engineering company

Envisan         Engineering company

EPG         Engineering company

Hulshof         Tannery

Askove         Supplier

Biothane         Supplier

Colasit         Supplier

DEC         Supplier

DMT         Supplier

Ecobeton         Supplier

Electron         Supplier

Enviro         Chemical Supplier

Kuypers         Supplier

KWB         Supplier

Task         Supplier

Triqua         Supplier

Veolia         Supplier

WTT         Supplier

NRF         Galvanic industry

Hogere agr. school Delft         Educational institution

Wateropleidingen         Educational institution

Nedcoat         Thermal galvanization

Optimizor AFB         Fodder industry

Vika         Fodder industry

Provimi         Fodder industry

Amylum         Food industry

Cerestar         Food industry

Heineken         Food industry

Waterboard HDSR         Waterboard

Waterboard Rijn en IJssel         Waterboard

HHNK         Waterboard



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